Wednesday, August 25, 2004

$NT --> $US

I have all this Taiwanese money still laying around from my trip there last October. Can I just cash this in at a bank? Will any bank exchange money from anywhere? Like can I walk in an presume they will do it, so I can act all assured and say "I have some Taiwanese dollars I need to exchange," or do I need to tentatively ask "Do you exchange Taiwanese dollars?" I'm desperately underfamiliar with all matters of money and traveling and its aftermath. More cosmopolitan readers, help!

BTW, to give you an idea of how much $NT I have laying around the RV, in case you want to break in and take it off my hands, $NT100 = $US3.


Anonymous said...

I recently exchanged $AU150 into US dollars. My local bank (which, as far as I can tell, consists of three branches of a rather large piggy bank, each guarded by women with 1980s bangs) was willing to make the exchange, but for a rather hefty base fee + percentage of the US value. If Madison banks are equally fee-happy, you can expect to pay roughly $US65 on your exchange of $NT2000, leaving you just enough "profit" to buy a single Diet Pepsi Twist (but not the 20 oz size).

Know any needy Taiwanes e graduate students?


jeremy said...

This is what I suspected. I should just find a graduate student going to Taiwan and give it to them as a gift.