Friday, August 13, 2004

dispatch from san francisco

Regarding my weblog, there were three things that I wondered if they would happen to me sometime during the five-and-a-half days that I am in San Francisco for the American Sociological Association meetings. As it turned out, all three happened within my first four hours of being here.

1. A mutual friend introducing a stranger to me and the stranger saying "Yes, I know you, I've looked at your weblog." Literally, this was the first person I was introduced to here at this year's ASA.

2. During a professionalish conversation with a peer in the discipline, someone else joining the conversation and then saying, "Hey, have you seen this guy's weblog?"

3. Someone coming up to me, without my wearing my nametag, and asking me if I was Jeremy Freese, and saying that they recognize me because of the drawing of me on my weblog.

BTW, on the list of eleven plausible-forgettables in the last post, I forgot the add a twelfth--my digital camera--which means, of course, that I've forgotten my digital camera.


dorotha said...

1. must be hard to be so popular. 2. henry will be pleased that you were recognized from the drawing.

jnsys said...

Wow, you're blog-famous! Anyone ask for your autograph, yet? I wonder what a yearbook photo would bring on e-bay.... :)

Anonymous said...

(This is Jan ECG.) Weren't you offering a prize for the first person at ASA who recognized you from your weblog drawing? I hope you paid up.

Brayden said...

It was nice to meet you Jeremy, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have spotted you based on the drawing alone. Some people must have a better eye for matching caricatures with faces.

Anonymous said...

There was a prize? Did I win? Cool. It was nice finally meeting you in person.

Corey Colyer