Friday, August 27, 2004

quiz answer: the notebook!

(see quiz here)

Dorotha was responsible for the important new addition to Wisconsin Sociology karaoke: fieldnotes! Which has allowed for the most detailed karaoke recap ever, over at carey-oke's blog (who wrote the recap on her birthday, no less).

Regarding #s 2 ("Sister Christian"): Carey is underselling the quality of her own performance here. "Sister Christian" was also an especially inspired choice--as it was a previously unrecognized great karaoke song--and it cleared up for me that the key phrase in the chorus is "Motorin'" and not "Motor Inn", as I've always wondered what the rest of the song had to do with a motel.

Regarding #4 ("Wild, Wild Life") on her list, here is the accompanying photograph:

Regarding #15 ("Goodbye Earl"): My attempts to get the crowd to chant "Die, Earl! Die!" were not successful.

Regarding #17 ("I've Been to Paradise"): The department has its Great Karaoke Generalists (e.g., of course, Carey-oke herself) and its Great Karaoke Specialists. This song one of the department's greatest Great Karaoke Specialist at work. The combination of performer + song + video never ceases to amaze me.

Regarding #29 ("Total Eclipse of the Heart"): Carey describes the psychological torment I was put through with this song. I should be fine with a year of therapy, however.


Anonymous said...

Is this "Barbie Hat" image something you really want to publish on the internet. In the wrong hands....

jeremy said...

To be sure, if there was nothing else out there that might derail a future presidential campaign, I might be concerned. As it is, what's the worst that can happen?

dorotha said...

oooooh! i really like how the ghostly image of aquaman's butt appears at the bottom (or right in this wonky orientation) of the page of writing.