Wednesday, August 25, 2004

superficial aside

Fellow blogger, I've dined with Ann Althouse. I know Ann Althouse. Ann Althouse is a friend of mine. Fellow blogger, Ann Althouse does not look anything like Amber Frey. Or like John Kennedy. Or Ann Coulter. For that matter, Amber Frey and Ann Coulter do not look anything alike. And none of them look anything like Laurie Dhue. Unless you really do hold to some Interchangeability of All Persons With Blond Hair theory. In logical notation:

AA ~= AF ~= AC ~= JFK(1) ~= LD unless all(B) = all(B)

And did you deliberately choose the worst picture of Amber Frey available anywhere on the Internet?


Tom Volscho said...

Formal logic is good for sociology

jeremy said...

I was upset at the lack of a "formal theory and public sociology" thematic session at the past ASA. Somebody needs to get the Berkeley folks on that one.