Friday, August 13, 2004

the eleven worst things I could plausibly forget to take with me to asa

(Given that I won't forget my wallet, and only so much bad can happen to you nowadays as long as you have your credit card and driver's license) Presented in order of the disaster it would be to forget them:

1. This award plaque that I promised I would take on behalf of one of my senior colleagues and deliver to the head of one of the ASA sections so she can bestow it an an award ceremony. [update: packed!]
2. Ticket to baseball game [update: packed!]
3. The Medications [update: packed!]
4. Power cord for laptop [update: packed!]
[update: packed!]
5. Cel phone [update: packed!]
5 1/2. Cel phone charger (almost forgot to put on list because I almost forgot it) [update: packed!]
6. Micro-screen razor [update: packed!]
7. Portable hard drive [update: packed!]
8. Materials actually needed for presentation [update: packed!]
9. Lucky marmot socks [update: where the @%#* are my lucky marmot socks? how am I supposed to give a presentation without them? you can't just find socks with marmots on them anywhere, and, anyway, they might not have the lucky marmot mojo!]
10. Adequate reading material if, as is almost always the case, I cannot sleep on the plane ride there/back, despite how tired I am [update: packed!]
11. Wireless card (only #11 because presumably it wouldn't be that tough to just buy another, especially since that's what I did when I forgot my card on my recent trip to Santa Monica) [update: packed!]

My flight is at 6:15 AM. I connect through Memphis, which is not the most obvious intermediate location between Madison and San Francisco.


Anonymous said...

really, the ticket should have been #1 ..

jeremy said...

Except that if I had forgotten that plaque, I might as well have commenced digging my own grave.