Saturday, August 07, 2004


Please! Write back just a little something funny? Teensy?

Marmot. Isn't marmot the most hilarious word?

You are right, it is pretty [expletive deleted] funny! How does marmot compare to marmoset?

What's funny about marmoset? Say each one three times out loud and tell me there's not a big difference.

Yes, there is a big difference. Marmoset sounds way more like an Egyptian god.

I think marmoset sounds more like a blood pressure medication.

Take these gods for examples: Bastet, Sekhmet, Tefmut, and Ma'at.

Has your role-playing-game group embarked on an Egyptian adventure? Are you still playing an alien-fighting anthropologist?

No, we are not in Egypt. I'm sharing a character with a guy named nate. I think we are a cleric.

You think you are a cleric? But could it turn out to be that you are actually an anthropologist disguised as a cleric? Or, better yet, a marmot disguised as a cleric?


I want to become involved in a role-playing game where I get to be superhero called The Marmot. Is there a bulletin board or something where I can try to find a game that would accommodate my needs?

I'm sure there is. Or you could just find a GM [game master] who might find a GURP [General Universal Role Playing system] to accomodate you.

How much would I have to pay to have a game centered around me as the Marmot, where everyone else is either a sidekick or archenemy or archenemy sidekick? Could I find an archenemy to split the costs?

I think a friend of mine played a lemur in Steve Jackson's Illuminati game. I think you could play a game like this for free, with the right game master to accomodate you.

Actually, I would underwrite the whole thing if all the characters were based on words on my wordlist and I could report the goings-on on my weblog. Nothing would thrill readers like finding out I rolled a 4. I can't decide what would make the best archenemy, perhaps Squishy. How should I advertise for this?

I can ask around. [name], the friend of mine who's just the cutest little kitten of a man, runs a good campaign...

Great! Start working on it. I'm going out now. Keep me posted.

You could post something at [link] or go to any gaming store.

I thought you just said were going to ask around for me. All your kitten-men-RPG-playing-friends. Who will run it? Who will be The Femur? How much will it cost me?

I can't ask anyone right this second. I'll ask on Tuesday when i go to role playing again.


dorotha said...

wow! is this a real conversation or did you make it up? you know some really dorky people, doncha?

jeremy said...

All conversations reported in JFW are real; this is part of our promise to you. To be sure, I know some dorky people. I'm excited about the RPG, though.