Monday, August 30, 2004

children of a lesser baldwin

"Actor Stephen Baldwin was among the guests at 'R: The Party.' Baldwin's actor brothers Alec and Billy are Democratic activists. Stephen Baldwin, a born-again Christian, declined to say that he was supporting President Bush. Instead, he said, 'I'm going to vote for the guy who will truly be led by God.' "


Anonymous said...

Stephen Baldwin is born again? The same guy who said he would "waste" Corbin Bernsen on "Celebrity Mole?"

jeremy said...

I know nothing of this "reality television" of which others speak.

jeremy said...

Although I think if you look back at the Celebrity Mole transcripts, he said He would "smite" Corbin Bernsen, which lends itself to an interpretation consistent with his current beliefs.

Drek said...

Is Stephen Baldwin a born-again Christian? You bet your arse he is. A story on the Christian Cinema website reports:

Baldwin insisted on Howard Stern's radio show that it was no joke, and he has learned to become a good born-again Christian over the past two years.

"I want to start a ministry," says the brother of actors Alec, Billy and Danny Baldwin. He said his family supports him.
So now Christianity has a robust powerhouse like Stephen Baldwin? Just watch the conversions roooooll in.

Goesh said...

I could never figure out how folks were much swayed politically by Hollywood stars and their views. I could never see how having some stars in one's camp would make much of a difference come election time. But, what the heck do I know. I wonder if some folks that get all mushy and gooey when they see a star even bother to vote or know that they can vote.

jeremy said...

It would actually be interesting to see an article that tracks down the celebrities who've made endorsements/statements this election cycle and how many of them do actually do the much less public act of actually voting.