Monday, August 23, 2004

baby you're much too fast / need to find a love that's gonna last

Angela has opened the polls for at least one of her selections for singing at karaoke Wednesday. Among the options are "Little Red Corvette." Unfortunately, the Karaoke Kid does not have the Prince song that I think would make the best karaoke song: "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man." Not only would it be a sure-karaoke-winner, but I think it's also the sweetest song that Prince ever composed. The song is about a conversation that Prince has with a woman in a bar that begins something like:

"Hi! My name is Prince. Do you want to dance?"
"All I want is a good man. Do you think you are qualified?"

One need not be a committmentphobe to see this statement as ranking somewhere down near "Will we get married afterwards?" as an inappropriately premature response to a friendly dance request from a stranger. However, rather than doing what 90% of men would do in this situation, i.e., RUN, Prince instead provides a detailed explanation for how she seems to have been too psychologically damaged by her previous relationship to be, now or ever, in the emotional position to provide Prince with the intense hypermonogamous relationship he so ardently wants. He stands there kindly and listens while she cries and tells her entire story, including the whole part about being left with one baby and another one on the way. He even takes the time to gently explain why it would not work for them to just be friends. What a guy! Who says you can't be a Rock Star and a Sensitive Man at the same time?

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