Monday, August 30, 2004

i thought hope was on the way. when i opened my door, it turned out to be misanthrope instead.

In the last 7-8 days, the Tradesports market-estimated probability of Bush's re-election has gone from 52% to where it is now pushing 59%. Despair, a regular visitor to the RV, has now pretty much moved in, spending most of its days sitting on my couch in its boxers, eating whatever it wants out of my fridge, playing my Xbox, getting Cheetos crumbs everywhere, scratching itself in various unbecoming places, and relentlessly taunting me. While Tradesports has long been making money by matching up speculators on its PRESIDENT.GWBUSH.2004 futures contracts, no word on whether they will start allowing members to speculate on JEREMY.EXPATRIATION contracts as well. Also, perhaps they should start taking bets on JEREMY.ROAMSCOUNTRY.KUNGFU.

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Tom Volscho said...

Hey, that prediction is close to Ray C. Fair's model! 57.48

Could be a self-fulfilling prophecy, Fair's prediction has been in major news publications: