Sunday, February 06, 2005

sometimes it gets lonely, feeling like you are the only person in the world who knows how to spell froot loops correctly


dorotha said...

your spelling skillz being what they are, i imagine there are other times when you feel lonely, too. i, on the other hand, feel one with the universe every time i try to spell vacuum (which i had to consult a dictionary to spell for this comment).

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, talk about the convergence of coincidence. What have we here, hmmm? Note the ironic use of the word "lonely" in this post, then note the immediate appearance of a one Dorotha. I think we have the ghost writer, folks! If this were a crime, it would be time to slap the cuffs on Freese. I present the circumstantial evidence to you:

I bring your attention first to a previous Post in which Freese alludes to Dorotha as "Scheisskopf" (check the archives). Now note the last known, published statement of the Lonely Donut Man in which he references his interests as being "no pile of Scheiss".
Pure coincidence? Hardly!

I further bring to your attention the fact that Freese is a known numbers man, dabbling in probability and running the Stats on a regular basis, even publishing. Now note the next to the last known, published statement of the lonely donut man in which he states his main interest in life is sequestered vectors. I'm not so sure about the sequestered part, but vectors are pretty much a pure mathamatical thing. I ask you, who else but a known numbers man would be interested in such things? This evidence does go beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Lastly, he has demonstrated a solid, working knowledge of computers and a connection to Technical people on campus. The simple matter of adjusting times/dates does not hold water as a means of explaining why he is not the lonely donut man.

It's all right here and he doesn't have to say a word if he doesn't want to. He can call on one of his purported lawyer pals to step up to the plate on his behalf, or even Mr. Bozzo, who clearly has done some ciphering in his day, to defend his pretension that he is not the lonely donut man.

Yup, we can nail his hide to the barn door and I'm pretty sure this Dorotha character is the lackey and ghost writer, the one actually making the Blog entries composed by Jeremy Freese. GUILTY!! What say you?

Anonymous said...
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jeremy said...

I knew that providing evidence that I was not the Lonely Donut Man would only exacerbate suspicions that I am Lonely Donut Man. Once more: I'm not; I don't know who is; and I'd be somewhat surprised if it was anyone I knew.

Anonymous said...

Oh whatever, Jeremy. You would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for us meddling kids.