Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Palabris calls your eyeballs' attention to the Webster's Rosetta Edition, which indeed does seem a remarkable Internet resource-in-progress for hopelessly lexicophilic souls like myself. Try it out!

One less impressive quirk of the site is that it offers not just a word of the day, but also a word of the hour and word of the minute. As you can see above, there is nothing in the word choosing algorithm to guarantee that the words chosen are cool words, or that they are even, you know, words.


nina said...

Time of post: 6 pm!! Oh no, did I miss my afternoon class??

jeremy said...

I have the capacity to bend space or time to my will.

Anonymous said...

I can bend both space and time to will.

I win!

dorotha said...

i can't even control myself, let alone space or time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dictionary link.
What a generous guy you are!