Tuesday, February 22, 2005

crossing the line

A female friend and I were talking this weekend about road rage and the atrocities it can bring out in people who already otherwise have anger management issues. I recounted the n-th hand, possibly-largely/entirely-apocraphal story I'd heard about this strapping guy I knew back in college, who was once cut off (or some other minor vehicular transgression) by some high school kid driving in a muscle car with his girlfriend. The guy supposedly chased the kid down, got him to pull over, ran over to his car, got the stupid kid to roll down his window, reached in the window, grabbed the kid by the shirt, and yanked the kid toward him while screaming in his face, "I'm going to rip your [expletive deleted] head off. But, first, I'm going to make you watch while I rip off your [expletive deleted] arms and feed them to your fat [expletive deleted] girlfriend."

"What a jerk!" my friend interjected at this point in the story. "Why'd he have to call her fat?"


Anonymous said...

Until I saw it on the news the other night, I had no idea that people actually shot at each other during incidents of road rage. This appears to be other than very common but does happen. Couldn't we just wear masks when we get in the car for our commute? We could have a snarling road rage mask so everyone would know that road rage was in process and not to cut that person off or drive too slowly in front of him/her. I see a happy mask, a neutral mask and a road rage mask - these masks could come with the purchase or rental of a car and to renew one's driver's license, a person would have to bring their masks along to verify possession of necessary masks for driving. Whataya think???

dorotha said...

a female friend? i'm glad you saw fit to point that out. are you trying to make some sort of point about gender here?

Anonymous said...

Hearken! The Ides of March doth slowly soon make'th its inevitable approach
Verily! the subject of a particular identity soon to breach and broach
upon the sanctity of my real name shalt thou encroach
O! how I long'th to be for some lonely, lovely lass a literary coach
instead of slinking and lurking and scurrying in anonymity's darkness like a roach
I swim'th and plumb'th the murky depths of lonliness like the lowly Loach
Whither Cupid? Whither Eros? I seek'th ever a fair heart to poach

Anonymous said...

eww. that's just gross, donut guy.

brady said...

Not to pimp out my new colleagues over here on the W.C. (get me away from Fox soaps, please. . .), but Barry Glassner has a nice chapter on road rage in that Culture of Fear book. Puts it all in perspective nicely, I think.

Anonymous said...

I suffer, acutely, from Fear of Blogging, soon to be a part of the DSM. Medication helps, but not as much as I wish. This is the first time I have posted on a Blog in just about 6 months. I hope I will find acceptance here and not rejection. My nerves can't take if that happens. My GPA has suffered because of my FOB disease.

Anonymous said...

I his defense, I heard that he didn't call the girlfriend "fat", just said she was XXL.

jeremy said...

Anon 1:52: Your story seems far-fetched to me. I mean, how can staying away from blogging cause a person's GPA to go down?

Anonymous said...

With fear of blogging the victim has a compulsion to blog yet not to blog for fear of rejection. That is what keeps me away from the books. You will see it in the DSM next year. I will bet on it. It is akin to autism, which you should know is on the rise and this rise will be attributed to computer use. Just you wait and see. I doubt you will hear from me again. I bite am starting to bite my fingernails already.