Saturday, February 26, 2005

actual conversation today between two sociology faculty members right in front of the main office

"She's bipolar, you know." (eyes widen) "I should introduce her to you!"
"I AM NOT BIPOLAR! Dear God! Why would you get all excited to introduce someone to me just because they have mental health problems?"


Anonymous said...

new meaning to the term "mad-town".

dorotha said...

this reminds me of my very first Incomplete. when i was an undergrad, i was taking a class, and doing very well in it, when i suddenly hit a block with the final paper. i just couldn't make myself do it. i had research stacked up to the ceiling, notes galore, and plenty of time to write the paper. i went to talk to the professor about my problem. because i can't keep my mouth shut, i told him how i had just started taking paxil for my anxiety disorder. i told him that, try as i might, i just couldn't get motivated to complete the paper and that i was willing to accept whatever grade in the class that i earned. he told me, "you remind me of a bipolar grad student i once had who killed himself. i am going to give you an incomplete." a year later, with no paper to show for myself, my Incomplete turned into an F. the professor in question went on to write letters of recommendation for grad school for me. in retrospect, if i reminded him of someone who committed suicide during grad school, was he really doing me a favor?