Thursday, February 10, 2005

jfw award, most optimistic sentence about what can be accomplished in a moving motor vehicle

From a circulating announcement about a summer course here at UW:
The course will consist of two days of classroom work in Madison and
fifteen days on the bus traveling to the Southwest and back. The initial
classroom work will include readings and lectures designed to provide all
students with the necessary historical background for the sites we will
visit and the issues we will discuss en route. The charter bus will serve
as a moving classroom where students listen to faculty lectures, read
assigned texts, view documentaries and feature films, and discuss topics
that arise over the course of the journey.


brady said...

(Is this like that summer course where they would drive the UW students to the South to learn about racism? Boy, that was a fun thing to read about on my first day in town lo those years ago. Smug @$$%()|#$ should go to Milwaukee if they want to see the face of modern segregation. . .but I digress. . .)

Why are they goin? And will the lectures involve powerpoint presentations projected onto the sides of 18-wheelers while Murry, the bus driver, tries to keep pace with Cap. Truckerspeed McPepPill?

Cause that'd be cool. Maximum Overdrive cool.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast to me and talk about the traditional 4R approach to education! Riding, Reading, Reflecting, (w)Riting - oh HA HA - I'm just too clever for my shoes this morning