Saturday, February 26, 2005

gabba gabba hey

(RSVP Coupon at the end of the invitation to the Sociology Winter Party)

Sociology is having its annual Winter Party this Saturday. E. Glitter Princess has already posted about the invitation. Given that this is likely the last sociology party I will be attending for some while, I considered kicking in the extra money to be either a first-class Macher or a Mach-Daddy hall-of-fame-class Party Booster. In the end, however, I decided the Hall of Fame could wait, and I just paid the expected $10.

My experience at these kind of events is that at about half of them I have a good time and at the other half I am suicidally bored. The probability of the former outcome seems to be helped if I start drinking immediately upon arrival.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't RWJ post-docs fall in the $15 per person category?

dorotha said...

what's $25 to any of the faculty members. plus, jeremy should have to pay more, considering all of the leinies he's gonna be drinking.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Jeremy, but I don't think I'd go to one of your department's parties even if everyone attending had to pay me $25. Too many insufferable prigs!

Corrie said...

I've been reading all these articles about professional socialization in academic departments, and I have to say that this invite sends about as clear a message as any I've seen about the persistence and rigidity of the academic hierarchy. E.g. Academic staff? you're only one step up from grad students, even though you may have gotten your PhD 20 years ago.
While the original intent of the sliding-scale party fee may have been redistributive, I think the negative consequences from the reproduction of the existing academic caste system aspects of the policy outweigh any economic equity benefits.

Anonymous said...

Eh, Corrie, gotta at least charge the grad students less or none of us would attend the insufferable thing. The prospect of all-you-can-drink (at least until they run out, which happened ridiculously early last night) for $5 is the only thing that makes any of us go.