Wednesday, February 02, 2005

nothing makes me feel quite so depressed and conflicted at work... having to look at a really lame pie chart. I don't even get if this chart is supposed to represent the relative frequencies of these four reasons as causes of people seeking the counsel of the Employee Assistance Office, but, anyway, if these are just the Top 4 reasons, and not the only reasons, where is the slice for "other?"

I may have to call them for a confidential appointment to get answers to these questions. If I do, I'll tell you all about it here at JFW.


tina said...

I wonder what it says about my personality that reading "really lame pie chart" makes me think, "mmmm...key lime pie."

Anonymous said...

A very lame lemon pie for sure. What if "others" simply stopped by for general information and didn't perceive themselves as having any kind of problem. That doesn't count as utilizing the service? How much of their budget is spent on simply providing information to people via personal meetings and brochures or internet information? Do we have projected depression coefficents here? If say 10 people make inquiries about available services, does a psychic then determine what percentage are going to be depressed, then add that to the pie dough, or do they simply factor this in on the known stats? Speaking of pies and dough, what is the status of LDM? I noticed he has made several appearances in other Blogs. (Gerald)