Wednesday, February 16, 2005

the skinny

Following up on yesterday's cryptic post, today I accepted a two-year fellowship at Harvard as part of the Robert Wood Johnson Scholars in Health Policy Research program. Starts in August. I will officially be on leave from Wisconsin while on the fellowship, and, if things currently in process work out, I will have the option of returning here when it is done. Much more about all this can be said, and maybe some of it will on this blog, but later. I'm currently in one of my states of worklife superhyperoverwhelmedness.

I apologize to any friends who wish I would have told them this news personally rather than their finding out about it bloggerly. Annoying, I know.


Anonymous said...

Thou would'st end'th thy Blog?
thy readers shall howl like a dog
O! to ruin their lives with grog
running madly amok and agog!
And I? to be kept veiled in fog
slowly sliding into oblivion's bog?
better to gut me like some butcher's hog

jnsys said...

Woo hoo!!! Congratulations! That is fabulous news!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Say! Them's no small potatoes! (Esther)

Brayden said...

Congrats Jeremy!

Anonymous said...

Cool news, dude! Yay for you.

Jennifer said...


dorotha said...

yeah, right. you are really going into the witness protection program, aren't you?

jeremy said...

Yes, I'm going into the witness protection program after my testimony exposes some of the hijinks that I've heard about go on in Social Science 7110 (the office of Dorotha and 37 other TAs). D.: Let me know whether they have free printing in jail.

tina said...

Congratulations, Jeremy! You're going to love Boston, but please don't start wearing pink polo shirts and plaid shorts, okay?

Anonymous said...

This just in, folks! It seems the Wade Churchill problem faced by Colorado University has only intensified. Two Law Professors, from CU and New Mexico U , have joined the fracas. Wade's tenure is being challenged and the big, bad, ugly "P" word is rearing its head. OH-OH!

You ain't heard nothing yet. My source has uncovered a video of Wade filmed during his intial hiring interview. It seems a Contractor was filming the building for renovation purposes and a flunky captured the interview through a crack in the wall. There was a very, very attractive woman on the committee it seems, and you know how voyeurs are!

Anyway, Wade was in red face wearing some painted chicken feathers, doing a war dance and slapping his mouth with his hand yelling, "woo-woo-woo" to the amazement of some committe members. When one interrupted Mr. Chruchill and asked him which of the many tribes listed on his resume' he was representing, the Chairman interjected, saying, "What difference does it make? We can fill a quota here! I say we put him to work."

Indians are still sniveling over this whole business. Indian Country Today in an editorial makes the following, whiney statement: "That bona fide Indian tribes are not given more respect by Colorado University and by the media in general when they state the professor is in fact not what he professes to be reminds us of the paternalistic approach to many times directed at tribal authorities throughout history". DUH!! Pu-leeze! everyone knows that if Indians had any money, Wade would have bitten the dust a long time ago.

Since Wade is coming to Wisconsin, I think it would be very special if all the faculty and students dressed up like Pilgrims to welcome him and make him feel at home. Yes! After all, WASP Historians all agree that Natives and Pilgrims were pals from the get-go. Whataya' say? Let's give Wade a fresh start, symbolic of the very beginning before Indians became educated and learned how to read and write and speak English. You heard it second here, folks, at JFW ! The Massabi Ranger

Anonymous said...
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shakha said...

You do realize, Jeremy, that this could mean the end? I mean, if you don't get a job at Harvard at the end of two years, well, your life is over. There's just no life after it... Are you prepared for only two more years?!?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, those people at Harvard at pretty smart, right? Why would they let him get away? Any bets on how long it'll be before we see karaoke night, Hahvahd-style?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy will come back from Harvard with a big feather in his cap, a fine published paper and maybe some extra cash in his pocket. I'm sure he will. He will take up teaching again. Given the number of students that respond here and the way they interact with him, it is obvious that he is a natural and finds teaching to be rewarding. He will want to share his experience with one and all I'm sure. Oh God you have to come back! Please! Please! You can have a new office, I promise.
John W.

Anonymous said...

There will be no Harvard karaoke. Karaoke is a blue collar phenomenon. The stuffed shirts at Harvard wouldn't deign to lower themselves by engaging in such an event.

miniAIR subscriber said...

Anon 141, are you suggesting that Jeremy doesn't have what it takes to bring it, if it's not already there?! I, for one, am looking forward to advanced testing of the general karaoke theory.

Kudos, Jeremy! Sounds like a nice adventure. Just out of curiosity, did the following 2004 Ig Nobel have anything to do with your decision?

'Peace: Daisuke Inoue of Hyogo, Japan, for inventing karaoke, thereby providing an entirely new way for people to learn to tolerate each other.'

I trust your current (or near future) deliberations include choosing which picture you will submit to the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists.

Anonymous said...

Will he join the Skull and Bones?
N'er more then to need any loans
t'is said he that symbol who owns
bind'th his books in the finest roans
Woe! he heed'th not his reader's moans

jeremy said...

shakha: I'm preparing to be cryogenically froxen at the end of my two years. Hopefully one day there will be a cure.

Mysterious "John W.": Thanks.

LDM: Skull and Bones is Yale. I don't know if even Yale has a post-doc chapter.

Anonymous said...

- T'is sub rosa
soon they shows ya'

Anonymous said...

I was born in Boston. That makes your move to its general vicinity okay.

Rebekah Ravenscroft-Scott said...

yeah, congrats and all...
but, what i want more information on is these alleged "hijinks" in my office. witness protection plan, indeed.

i will say, cambridge is a lovely place and i'm quite jealous of anyone heading "back east" as I'm stuck here in the bleary midwest what what seems like an eternity.

so congrats!

Tom Volscho said...

That's a great position!

Watch out for that guy in the subway that does magic tricks, he goes by "SONNY HOLIDAY" and he hangs out near the harvard square station on the red line.

The Harvard bookstore is nice, but you can wind up broke. MIT has AMAZING clearance sales at its little bookstore.

Will they put you up in a place to live? The rent is through the roof in that city.