Monday, May 31, 2004

acquisitions update

There is still time to vote for which bed will be bought for the RV. Please do so if you haven't already, as my friend Erin--who previously had also agreed to purchase the winning bed--has started making noises about there being a 50 or 60 vote quorum in order for the poll to be binding (for her; me, I'm buying a bed). Last I checked we were at 47 votes, and I have reason to suspect some key precincts have not yet reported in.

All that said, I have to announce that the bed purchase will actually not be made until later in the summer--July, hopefully--as today I somewhat impulsively decided that instead the higher priority for the Great Jeremy Grows Up Furniture Upgrade was to get some real tables for the living room, namely a matching coffee table and two side tables from Here are photos (which I tried to resize so they would be roughly to scale with one another):

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