Tuesday, May 25, 2004

decorating by democracy

I have long been considering buying a platform bed. My friend Erin "Mighty e" Maher in Seattle is also now thinking about buying one. We have exactly the same taste in furniture (it's freakish, we know), so whatever is the best choice for me is almost certainly the best choice for her as well. After making an exhaustive Froogle search of online catalogues, we have winnowed the field to seven contenders.* But now, indecisiveness has kicked in. As a result, we have decided to let you, weblog readers, make this important decorating choice for both of us. Rarely is even a single home-furnishing decision left up to the whims of the masses; here you are given the opportunity to influence the interior agendas in two different abodes.

Catalog photos of all seven beds are below. The catalog photos were often of entire rooms; to minimize the influence of how the bed looks amidst furniture neither of us actually own, I cropped the photos to show only the bed to the greatest (rectangular) extent possible. To make voting easier, I decided to give all seven beds names, by combining the names of the seven dwarves (in reverse alphabetical order) with the seven sacraments of Catholicism (in most likely chronological order). Some dwarves and sacraments make better bed monikers than others, but please do not let the names influence your vote.

1. "Sneezy Baptism"

2. "Sleepy Confession"

3. "Happy Communion"
(note: available [though not as a photo] in silver, which is what both of us would want)

4. "Grumpy Confirmation"
(note: we presume that the white quasi-headboard thing and the lamps could be removed if desired)

5. "Dopey Matrimony"

6. "Doc Holy Orders"

7. "Bashful Last Rites"

Remember that democratic decorating doesn't work unless you vote, so please cast your ballot for one of the platform beds above!

* To be completely honest, two of these beds have been ruled out by Erin and/or me. We leave them in the poll only as a way of gauging the consonance between voters' tastes and our own. Other than that, however, our furnishing fates rest in your hands!

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