Sunday, May 02, 2004

come one, come all

My 15th year high school reunion is being held the same weekend as my hometown hosts its Greater Crater Days.* Here is what the letter for my reunion advertises will be going on: "There are a number of other activities associated with Greater Crater Days, including a tractor pull and fireworks on Friday, June 25, a parade (10:00 A.M.), craft show, truck show, hamburger feed, beer garden, and dance on Saturday, June 26, and a demolition derby on Sunday, June 27."

This is it. This is what my hometown has to offer. And, is there anything in the whole of human cuisine that sounds more unappetizing than a "hamburger feed"?

* Called such because my hometown sits on top of the largest meteor impact site in the United States. I've written a post about Greater Crater Days and that [expletive deleted] liar Bill Bryson before.

Update, 7:45pm: One reader e-mails to say: "Your h.s. reunion sounds [expletive]ing awesome. My [#] year reunion is in July. I *might* consider going *if* we had a demolition derby."

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