Sunday, May 02, 2004

all you have to lose are your cords

Okay, so I have resolved that if I really am going to spend long hours this summer toiling away on research from here in the RV, I am going to make sure I have good gear so that there is the best chance of this home office arrangement working out. Phase #1 of this plan was the wireless Internet set up so that in addition to my desktop I can use my laptop from anywhere in my RV. Phase #2 was bringing my newer computer and my large flat-screen monitor from home to here. Phase #3 implemented this evening, is to get a wireless keyboard and mouse for my desktop. Phase #3 actually revealed a hitherto unrecognized Phase #0 to the plan, implemented over a year ago, which was to have the LASIK surgery on my eyes. Because that surgery left me with 20/15 quasi-bionic vision, I can actually sit curled up on my futon and still see well enough to type this weblog entry even though the Blogger type is not large and I'm sitting at least seven feet from the screen. And, say whatever you want about my futon cover, but it makes a great wireless mousing surface. So now tonight that I'm fully wireless for the first time, I am feeling both emancipated and invincible. Maybe later tonight I'll clamber up to the roof of the RV, stand leaning over the edge, and shout that "I'm the king of the world!"

BTW: Now that I'm getting my technological act together, I need a Batcave-like nickname for my social research compound here in the RV. I know it's hard without actual photos of said compound, etc., but still I will announce this as Special Weblog Contest #11, with an official JFW Lenticular Kewpie Doll to the winner.

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