Wednesday, May 05, 2004

banquet #1 was awkward and uncomfortable enough after the trophy was given. banquet #2 would be awkward and uncomfortable the whole time.

PLEASANTVILLE, N.J. -- A basketball coach who gave a 13-year-old player a "Crybaby Award" will be banned from coaching, sent to sensitivity training and ordered to make a public apology.

Schools superintendent Edwin Coyle revealed the punishments Wednesday. Whether the coach loses his job remains to be seen.

James Guillen, 24, a third-year special education teacher at the Pleasantville Middle School, had a trophy made up showing an infant atop a pedestal, with a plaque bearing the inscription of player Terrence Philo Jr. and the words "Crybaby Award.''

After summoning the boy to attend the April 24 season-ending banquet, Guillen gave him the trophy, humiliating him in front of about 25 teammates and parents.

Coyle, who said dismissal would be too severe a punishment, said he would ban Guillen from ever coaching in Pleasantville schools and order the sensitivity training and public apology.

In addition, Guillen will be ordered to hold the banquet again and give Philo the trophy other players received.
Also: Not to make any claims about the genetic basis of crybaby-ness, but don't you think if Terrence Junior was enough of a pain during the season to drive you to want to make one of these trophies, then Terrence Senior probably is not going to pull any punches in complaining to every authority once you've handed it out?

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