Saturday, May 15, 2004

reasons to admire nina camic, continued

Most Madisonians, if charged with the task of flying to Japan, would just presume that this would imply flying west. West is a good deal shorter, after all, and you get the fun of crossing the International Date Line.* When I went to Taiwan, for instance, I connected through Japan, and the flight was over the Pacific. Not Nina. Where others zag, she zigs; where others go west, she goes east. She takes the long way around, and in so doing she gets to do a two-day stopover in Paris. Plus, think of all the extra frequent flier miles she gets to accumulate this way.

* Is International Date Line supposed to capitalized? I don't know. There are others with weblogs who would scamper off to Google and check on this before posting. Indeed, Blogger has a spell check feature so that lexically self-conscious webloggers can see whether they have spelled sphygmomanometer or chrysanthemum or thanatognomonic or whatever correctly in their latest post. To which I say: Not JFW, not ever--this is a promise to you from the proprietor. Every JFW post comes straight from the heart. Never do the dictatorial urgings of any spell-check, grammar-check, or capitalization-check software influence the content of anything posted here. Indeed, proofreading of any sort is done only under particularly sensitive and/or potentially legally actionable conditions. Instead, at JFW, the policy is strictly to hit the "Publish" button first and ask questions later, or preferably not at all.

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