Thursday, May 27, 2004

more on nellie mckay

(Nellie McKay, from her appearance on Letterman)

Reader response indicates that I was not alone in not having heard anything about Nellie McKay.

1. If you have a broadband internet connection and the patience for a 13MB download, here is her appearance on David Letterman.

2. Likewise, this page contains a few clips of VH1 appearances, including one of her doing an impromptu VH1 performance mocking Puff Daddy's broadway run in Raisin in the Sun.

3. I've also here made a 30 second MP3 audio clip of the opening stretch from her female stalker anthem "David."

(Note: JFW receives no proceeds from the sale of Nellie McKay music or merchandise, but instead is promoting her music out of sheer and irrepressible enthusiasm.)

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