Wednesday, May 26, 2004

platform shoos

The JFW Executive Board decreed recently that all semantic complaints from readers will be handled strictly according to prevailing-presidential-administration praxis. As our first example, several readers have e-mailed to note that not all of the beds offered as alternatives in the previous post meet standard technical definitions of what constitutes a "platform bed." Make no mistake: the proprietor of JFW responds to this complaint by acknowledging the importance of linguistic precision. I accept full responsibility for the content of this weblog and so for any misuse of the phrase "platform bed." (However, Erin is the one who kept saying that they were all platform beds. I was always skeptical of whether you still called something a platform bed once box springs were also involved. She's to blame! Punish her! Punish her!) Again, the blog buck stops here and thus responsibility for the mistake is entirely mine. (Although one might wonder whether certain terminological do-gooders are truly loyal to JFW or whether they are acting in ways that give aid and comfort to this weblog's sinister detractors. Traitors! Bloggerdict Arnolds!)

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