Monday, May 10, 2004


1. Blogger has changed their interface. Everyone on BlogSpot seems to have written a post today either criticizing it or being tepid about it. Or at least everyone but NinaNet, who seems unflappable as she posts from Japan (actually, I think she writes her posts in Word and then uploads the whole thing at once in a swift overseas connection). I don't really find the new interface annoying, although it's not an obvious improvement. Blogger did add several new features, but didn't add the ability to divide your posts into categories, which is what I was mostly wanting. Sigh. I've been tempted to move my weblog to another service (one based on Movable Type) for awhile, but it would be a pain to move all my back posts, etc..

2. I have gone completely off the fruit/nut/cheese or any other kind of useful diet, and have even in the past two weeks had four (yes, four) transgressions at Michael's Frozen Custard. Ugh, I must get this under control, esp. with the class reunion next month. A friend is recommending that I try a weeklong fruit-and-fruit juice fast. My normal response to that idea would be to say Fruct That, but given the lack of success with more moderate alternatives, it seems something radical is in order.

3. I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for the second time yesterday. And, lo, I got all teary-eyed again, but not blubbery like when I saw it before. This time, I kept track of my heartbreak-by-proxy: I got mildly choked up first during the scene where Joel and Clementine are running on the ice trying to stay in front of the memory-erasing; my full-fledged choked-upped-ness commenced with the scene where Joel is a kid and kills the bird; and then my affect continues to plummet to its nadir when Joel is wishing he had stayed at the beach house with Clementine instead of running away. It's intriguing that over the years I've seen any number of movies where two people are love and then one dies, without ever being particularly moved; however, if, instead of having the beloved die, you merely have her attemptedly erased from the protagonist's memory, and this grinds my heart into powder.

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