Tuesday, February 03, 2004

under the wire, #2

Again, Pager and Freese (she's the astronaut; I make the Tang) get something in about an hour before it is due. Or, more technically, the deadline was the end of January, but when the end of January falls on a weekend, you can basically count on the real deadline being that following Monday, and even if one would think the deadline is the end of the business day Monday you'd presume they'd still accept it as long as the electronic submission was time-stamped Monday. By that standard, we had an hour to spare.

Now, I have to finish reading this article for my graduate methods class and then get to grading the 25-30 reaction papers that students have turned in (they have a midnight deadline for these, as well). All blogging aside, the State of Wisconsin has been getting an enormous amount of labor out of me since the start of the semester, which assuages my guilt about my indulgences in trashy mysteries last fall. I certainly do enjoy feeling busy, just so long as it doesn't trip my hair-trigger for feeling overwhelmed.

Tomorrow morning my bookcases come, the first major furniture upgrade for the RV. Which means I need to get serious about that sofa...

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