Thursday, February 19, 2004

acquisitions update, #8

I asked the Passat dealer a question about financing and about what they had available on the lot, and here is his response:
Hello Jeremy,
Thanks for getting back to me. I have some great news for you.
Volkswagen is offering a low 2.9% financing special for up to 66 MONTHS!.
Also, if you wanted the one on the show floor, and chose to sign up for it
this week,(you could take delivery any time this month.) we could offer you
an additional $300 off. If you choose to take advantage of the low interest
rates, at 66 months works out to be $xx9.10 per month. That's with $x000
It ends up being a pretty sweet deal. We also have Fresco Green with
gray cloth on the lot. Thanks for the interest and let me know what you want
to do.

What's the deal with wanting me to take the car off the showroom floor? Does anyone know anything about that? Is it because all kinds of people have been in and out of it?

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