Tuesday, February 03, 2004

dead people prompt some nostalgia and another JFW confession

A reader from Gavin, MacLeod e-mails to brag about her stellar prescient performance since entering the Dead Pool website a couple of years ago. Of the ten celebrities she picked in 2001, several have punted the proverbial pail: Bob Hope, Katherine Hepburn, Gordon Jump, Alan Thicke, Johnny Cash. Those still kicking on her list: Ronald Reagan, the Pope, Louie Anderson, Freaktoastt J, and Wavy Gravy.

All of which reminded me of the JFW dead pool started very early on in my Great Blogging Experiment, and how this thing has hung around longer than any of the entrants back then had predicted, surprising myself as much as anyone.

Confession: I had to ask her who Wavy Gravy is. Apparently he's the guy who instructed people not to eat the brown acid at Woodstock. (I suspect that not eating the brown acid is sage advice in any context.) Despite my own former fascination with the cultural references included as Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavors, I never knew that Wavy Gravy was a reference to a person. Yes, I am alternately astonished and ashamed at just how tragically unhip I am.

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