Sunday, February 01, 2004

live, superbowl post-halftime report

From double-premium-subscriber in Tashkent, OH:
jeremy, could you do a special weblog halftime show tonight?
No, I was too busy watching the actual halftime show. I don't know if I have ever felt so completely alienated from prevailing cultural tastes of America. I can imagine a classroom somewhere in East Asia a hundred years from now where the video of that halftime show is shown and taken to be all the explanation needed for the decline and eventual collapse of the United States.

The various spinning camera angles are making me sick to my stomach. Being someone who doesn't regularly watch television, when I do everything on the screen moves so fast I feel like I could use a dramamine. It makes me feel like one of those eighty year olds who complains about how all the kids talk so fast these days.

Best quote so far was at the end of the halftime show, where Boomer Esiason said that "These coaches both know history shows that in the second half of these football games there is a lot that happens." Readers should know that I wrote this down so I would have it accurate for the weblog.

Update, 11:30pm: A reader from Omaha, NE, who only allows me to paraphrase her e-mails rather than quote them directly, asked something like: "Aren't superbowl halftime shows always freaky and scary?" This one seemed even worse than usual. However, I can't be sure that it's not that my own aesthetic moorings have just become one year further removed from the rest of the society.

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