Saturday, February 07, 2004

(dread) car or couch/chair/coffee table? help!

Okay, my car has all kinds of things wrong with it--I started to make a Top 10 list for the weblog, which I still might do--and I have a desperate dearth of furnishings for the living room of the RV. I am presently sufficiently paralyzed by the conjunction of these problems that I'm not moving on either of them.

So, I am turning for guidance from you, weblog readers. Do not let me down.

Which should I focus on first: Getting a new car or getting some living room furniture? I dread both of them, as I dread shopping that involves interaction with a salesperson who is working on commission, as I always end up either regarding them as sleazy or feeling like I must be being duped because they don't seem sleazy.

Update, like 20 minutes later: I decided that it was unfair to offload this kind of purchase pressure onto loyal JFW readers. So I just took the earlier online furniture recommendations from a friend who has a strong interest in home decor (as well as, incidentally, Alan Thicke's health status), and I just now plunked down $3000 to buy some living room furniture online. So that's that. I have lamps and a coffee table to buy, but I figure that's better done here in Madison.

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