Tuesday, February 24, 2004

regarding some songs mentioned in recent posts

1. Regarding "Mandy", from a reader in Copacaba, NA: "This song has SO been on my mind! I was so jazzed to see you downloaded it! I bought the sheet music to this song sometime in the 70s and tried to learn to play it on the piano."

2. Regarding "Wouldn't It Be Nice" and "God Only Knows": From a reader in Surf City, USA: "It's so creepy that you just said this - I was just making the exact same point to some friends this weekend. Same two songs and everything. I tend not to use the word oeuvre, but you know." I probably wouldn't use the "creepy," especially since the merits of the songs have always seemed an objective matter to me (in other words, what's creepy is that other people should argue with us about it.) Another reader from Hawthorne, CA, was surprised by the omission of "Don't Worry Baby," which I did decide was good enough for the Beach Boys Bronze Medal and honored it with a download from iTunes.

3. Regarding #2 above, I should also note that I had a friend in college who had this grand scheme to start a band that would play only (and alternately) Beach Boys and Kiss covers, while dressed in adult-sized Underoos-costumes of various Marvel Comics superheroes. I was surprised when he did not get any credible responses to the posters he put up looking for bandmates. I remember the poster had this sentence attesting to his good singing voice and stage presence and then went on about how onstage he "would gyrate when the situation warranted and was tasteful" or something like that.

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