Thursday, February 05, 2004

(eek!) dross pointe blank

(the entire Manson High School graduating class of 1989, including, somewhere, your weblog author)

An unexpected gust of nostalgia to start the morning. I just got an e-mail for my 15th high school class reunion, to be held this summer. Maybe that will motivate me to start on that diet. I didn't go to the 5th or 10th year reunions, being down in Bloomington for both, but, who knows, I may go to this one.

The organizer included in his e-mail the photo of the 39 of us, which must have been taken shortly before graduation.

Update, 7:50pm: A reader e-mails: "It took me a little while to find you in your senior class picture. But then I realized Jeremy was most likely to be surrounding by girls."

Update, next day: Another reader e-mails "You are as handsome now as you have ever been. I should also say that among the females in the photo, the size of their collective hair is, well, astounding. Perms must have been all the rage." Yes, I hadn't really remembered hair-size being this huge--the value of objective photographic evidence. And like many other things before I went off to college, I'm sure it seemed to me like it couldn't be any other way.

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