Sunday, February 15, 2004

crimes of surveying, continued

A current reader poll on
Does U.S. Sen. John Kerry now have the Democratic nomination in his grasp?

Too early to say
Or is this really a CoS? Is the Too Early To Say category just an incoherent version of "No," or is it to provide grounds to express the philosophical position that Kerry indeed now does either have or have not have the Democratic nomination in his grasp, but that we will only later be able to determine which it is.

Does that make sense? Like, I could ask, "Am I writing a blog post now?" and you could respond "Too early to say. You are writing something now, and if you post it than the answer is 'yes.' Nut you may end up hitting cancel, in which case you wouldn't be now writing a blog post, and the answer is 'no.'"

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