Wednesday, February 25, 2004

once again adding to your JFW experience

I think this link will work so that my weblog can be added to one's BlogRoll. If it does work, I'll stick it at the bottom of the page, by the completely worthless Google-based search feature.*. I have no idea what kind of marketing lists, etc., one gets oneself on by enrolling in BlogRoll, so I can't take responsibility for whatever may happen. For that matter, clicking on the preceding link could incinerate your machine, for all I know. I don't really understand what BlogRoll is, or if the R in the middle really ought to be capitalized, but it seems to have high visibility in blogging circles and so I feel like I'm substandard without it. The description on its website makes it seem completely unuseful if you are capable of using, say, bookmarks in your web-browser. Kids these days, they're always coming up with some newfangled thing or some new crazy flailing dance.

* Yes, it's made by Google, the company responsible for the most miraculous technological feat of the last decade--yes! that includes the Swiffer WetJet!--and yet it still sucks. Try searching for "Brian Dietz," for example; no wonder we aren't having any luck tracking that guy down. I don't even know why Google offers it; I feel like it besmirches their otherwise hallowed name.

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