Monday, May 15, 2006


Your day will come that you will be judged by God, and so will I. And I am ashamed, and shamed, and an embarrassment to my family, who are so precious and Godly people. What a terrible model of a Christian that I am. Thoughts of suicide are filling my mind, and I am full of rage at you despicable people. I hate living right now, and I want to die. My whole life is falling apart, my family, my ministry, my reputation and all that I have worked for all my life. Dear God, help me. I am so frightened.
So ends an e-mail from a minister to the Nigerians who have ensnared him in one of those spam e-mail swindles. It's from a riveting story of human fallibility in current issue of the New Yorker.

And, it made me nostalgic for my own exchange with someone presumably trying a similar scam in the very early days of this weblog (this post and forward).

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