Saturday, May 13, 2006

(washington, dc) i know, i know.

I am the most frustrating person in the world to make or coordinate any kind of plans with. I mean this literally: the whole world, and quite possibly the history of the world (little is known about the frustratingness of individual members of preliterate societies, although many conjecture that the individual capacity for being frustrating increases as societies develop such innovations as clocks and calendars).

I appreciate the patience of any who has ever bothered to try to make plans with me to do something, and especially the patience of any one who has ever done this more than once.

Although, for this particular trip, the phone charger problem has made everything twice as frustrating as usual. I went into a Verizon store to try to get another one, but mine has to be special ordered since it's idiosyncratic for my model phone and that model has been discontinued. I did not want this phone in the first place. I only have it because someone spilled wine on my old phone, and this was the only 'comparable' model the cel-phone insurance company could ship immediately.

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Anonymous said...

Not so frustrating for those who are ambivalent about making last minutes plans themselves. Also, entirely worth the sometimes-frustration for those who love you and are used to such behaviors.

Hope your Sunday at home was enjoyable.