Wednesday, May 10, 2006

(wilmington, de) crossing the delaware

I am on a train headed for Washington DC. My rule for States From Which I've Blogged is that it counts if I am physically in the state, even if that is just from a train station or airport. So this post is sufficient for me to cross Delaware off my list. I should note that it was relatively late that I figured out that the Boston-to-DC train goes through Delaware. I had, before this, succeeded in cajoling a friend of mine (Aileen!) to take a road trip from DC to Delaware to dispatch a post from a random coffeeshop somewhere.

I believe, incidentally, that Delaware features the hometowns of Madison-blogger-pals Ann, Tom, and Careyoke, although I will have to admit that only now that I am in Delaware do I truly believe that it exists. Prior to this, I was pretty sure it did, but part of me held out to the possibility that the state was a conspiracy devised by
credit card companies.

I realize that I have forgotten the little doohickey again required to make my cel phone charger work. This happened last time I was in Madison, and I had someone FedEx my backup charger from Cambridge to Madison. That charger, unfortunately, I left in a hotel room in Connecticut (I think), so I don't have a backup charger this time, and I doubt I'm going to be able to find a backup for my obscure phone easily in DC. Sometimes, I have tried to estimate the "Jeremy Freese tax", that is, the cost in terms of time and money imposed by the ways in which my life is made more complicated by my absent-mindedness.


Anonymous said...

Assuming then, that those of us who talk to you on your cel phone semi-frequently will be unable to do so until you return, when will you be back in Cambridge?

jeremy said...

I'll be back by Sunday. I'll also be on the lookout for a charger here. I hate my nonstandard phone.

Gwen said...

I had a friend once who, when trying to drive from Oklahoma to New Jersey, took a wrong turn and ended up in Delaware. Twice. She then wrote the following song:

"Delaware sucks.
Delaware sucks.
Delaware does not deserve
an electoral vote."

It was very catchy.

Since I've known Careyoke, I've tried to stop singing that song out loud.

Ann Althouse said...

I went back to Delaware a few years ago, the first time I'd been back since the early 70s. I was struck by how taciturn people were -- grumpy, unsmiling folk. Totally different from Wisconsin.