Monday, May 22, 2006

postcard from the postpostgraduate life

(snips from conversation via GMail)
I just got home from a party. Do you remember [name] from [discipline] at IU? He teaches at [university] and lives in [city] this year. We had a loooong, drawn-out argument about relationships & gender. Sheesh.

I just can't imagine having a long argument about relationships and gender anymore. I can't imagine it breaking any new ground that hadn't already been twice-tilled by the time we left IU.

I know! It was a weird argument that felt oddly and unpleasantly like grad school. I kept trying to change the subject.

Ugh, and isn't [name] even way older than us? He's in his mid-40s by now or something, right?

Yes, he's 40+. Whatever. The annoying thing, though, was that I could neither get him to "agree to disagree," nor, when I gave up on that, get him to let it go when I said, "Okay I agree with you. Now can we change the subject?"


Kieran said...

Regarding the new JFW Fanfic link to the left, I think you are treading a dangerous path in even mentioning the possibility. Healy's Theorem is one of the few valid generalizations yet produced by sociology. So watch out.

jeremy said...

I'm thinking about taking short short fiction again as a summer class. If I do, I think I'm going to write nothing but Crooked Timber short short fan fiction. Well, I might take a week off here and there to write Althouse fan fiction, although for all I know she has a fanfic following already.

Kieran said...

I presume you know about Altmouse.

jeremy said...

I got in a pissy discussion in the comments field defending Ann on one of Altmouse's later posts. I'm not sure I necessarily came across that well in that exchange, but I clicked over to it one day and was baffled that it was really still going on, mostly with iterations of the same joke.

That said, I will have to say that while various indicators of Ann's blogging success impressed, nothing moved me to say "Wow!" quite like discovering she had a parody blog. Still, even that isn't in the same league as blog fanfic.