Friday, May 12, 2006

(washington, dc) pleasantries

You know how I sometimes use this blog to complain about sociology? Well, at this conference today, I saw multiple very good talks by recent-Ph.D. sociologists. The moral of the story being that just because some quarters of the discipline may sometimes drive me to despair, there is much going on to be enthusiastic about. (Meanwhile, if you are enthusiastic about the developments that drive me to despair, you have your own things to be enthusiastic about in sociology, so there, we're all winners.)

A conversation at dinner with the woman sitting next to me:
Her: "You know, your name seems really familiar."
"Well, um, do you use Stata?"
"Yes, yes! Thank you, by the way."
I mean, it's either that or this blog. Why else would a random social scientist know who I am?


Belle Reve said...

Maybe she's from The Future.
That STATA link says: JUST PUBLISHED. The Second Edition of Regression Models for Categorical Outcomes Using Stata by J. Scott Long and Jeremy Freese began shipping on November 29, 2006.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder how I ever found this blog. But I don't think I'd recognize you in Cambridge/Harvard if I run into you. The little drawing/icon isn't too helpful. If you'd wear a name tag (at all times, of course) -- then I could say 'hello'.

Anonymous said...

You would recognize him from the drawing.

jeremy said...

Belle: A new chapter in the book describes how you can use Stata to travel in time.

Anon: From two separate comments on this blog, I've supposedly been recognized in Cambridge, but no one has ever said hello to me there. In the Paris airport, yes; Cambridge, not yet.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:32
That drawing/face would go well with physique of shortish fellow (5' 6" or 5'7"), sort of Michelin-man, good-natured. Should I adjust this mental image?

Anon 12:21

Anonymous said...

It's not entirely clear to me what she's thanking you for. This bothers me.

Anonymous said...

i would imagine she is thanking him for the awesome textbook and for the stata programs he/they wrote to go with it. (btw, -fitstat- totally kicks ass. thank you.)