Thursday, May 25, 2006


From the American Sociological Association bulletin advertising highlights of the upcoming annual meetings in Montreal:
Thematic Sessions explore the meeting theme of transgressing boundaries in
numerous ways, and several sessions feature talks by distinguished scholars who have
played strategic roles themselves in challenging gatekeepers
. At a session on
Breaking Boundaries by Law, look for Jack Greenberg, who as Director of the NAACP
Legal Defense Fund worked to bring the case of Brown vs. Board of Education to the
Supreme Court. Dr. Ruth Westheimer, who moved the country to accept open discussion
about sexual behavior, will participate in a session on Sexual Boundaries.
Waldron, the world renowned political philosopher, will speak at a special thematic
session on Torture.
I mean, the jokes about this practically write themselves. Unfortunately, however, they do not actually write themselves, and seeing as I am rushing around for what by tentative plans will be over three weeks away from here, I do not have any time to devise them.

Bonus Dr. Ruth Wikipedia trivia: she was apparently trained as a sniper during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.


Tonya said...

Dude, Dr. Ruth is my hero! I listened to her radio program when I was an adolescent. I listened with my ear to the receiver and the volume turned down way low. In those years, she was the only one who talked about sexuality in an informative and matter-of-fact way. My generation owes her a huge debt of gratitude.

Go ahead and make jokes. I'll laugh along. But I love that little lady.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, Jeremy ... sex IS funny, in the cosmic joke sort of way. But inviting Dr. Ruth jokes? How pre-adolescent.

Rebekah Ravenscroft-Scott said...

Here's another Dr. Ruth trivia tidbit: She studied sociology at the New School, and her advisor Arthur Vidich told her that she sucked and that she should persue her interest in sexuality (at Columbia?) and give up with the soc stuff. I swear I heard this from Vidich himself!

Mike Shanahan said...

I think I am beginning to get it. Call me slow, so be it. But I am just now seeing that the ASA meeting this year is some sort of parody that Canadians are doing of Americans...or am I still not getting it?