Thursday, May 18, 2006

dispatch from loserville

I am not doing the marathon next Saturday. I have also gained 12 pounds since November. I am not happy about either of these things, and for both I am fully to blame. I have allowed myself to be thrown from the horse, metaphorically speaking, and I have allowed myself to inadequately exercise and overadequately eat, literally speaking. I would ask you to toss me a life preserver, but I would probably just mistake it for a giant donut and start noshing away.

Ugh. Double ugh. Double ugh with cheese and a side of curly fries.

What's worse, I have an ungodly number of things to do before June 3rd and have to spend six hours tomorrow doing media training as part of my fellowship. This will apparently involve being videotaped doing a mock interview which will then be critiqued by public relations experts. I fully expect that for me the Elephant In The Room during their expert comments will be whether it is acceptable to suggest cosmetic surgery.

Enough wallowing. I am going out to run. Various Jeremy-doubters-and-detractors can bask in gleeful schadenfreese.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy, dunno if you've already found this website, but it's like a free online weight watchers.... ... maybe it'd be the thing to kick-start things? hope your run was awesome!

Jude said...

I noticed that "schadenfreese" wasn't on your list of favorite words to hear or say.

Maybe it should have its own Wikipedia entry.

jeremy said...

I try to avoid putting words on that list that I make up myself.

Anonymous said...

Just think of what you ARE accomplishing this year.

I'm sure you look just fine and will do well before the PR folks. Their job is to tell you how you can build on your strengths. So focus on those strengths.

Don't forget, you're learning this year (and next). Give yourself a break.

Anonymous said...

Lo! 'tis the silent donut n'er do we see
that nag'th in the hours so wee
when'st up for a late night pee
we succumb'th to broccoli's lack of glee
and to yon Deli do'th we flee
verily to smear'th pastry with golden hot ghee -

jeremy said...

I'm not really worried about the media training; it's just not how I'd like to be spending my time today given various work obligations. Meanwhile, gaining weight does worry me greatly, as does bailing on my committment to the marathon.

tina said...

Stamie, thanks for the link. that site looks much better than weightwatchers, actually!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, as exciting as it is to move to another city for a prestigious fellowship, it's also very stressful to unroot yourself from one place and start over in another. So a little weight gain isn't surprising. [It's preferable to the crack pipe.] I think you need to be more gentle with yourself.

Anonymous said...

Weight? Might try to stabilize (rather than losing right now -- hard to do).

Curly fries. There's a place on Mass. Ave. that got me hooked: really good. But they offer a decent slaw as a side choice, so I wrenched away -- sometimes having a cup of their good, slightly spicy soup first. Need to leave not wanting more. But need to shovel it in, too.

I miss the curlies but not the pounds. Hope you find something that works for you.

Oh, and enjoy the PR. Ham it up!