Saturday, May 13, 2006

(philadelphia) the great information superarchway

I am writing this from the $3/2 hour Internet connection sold through the McDonalds at the Philly train station. While of course free would be even better, kudos for anything that lets you connect over a stopover for something less than $7 or $10. So, finally, another good thing about McDonalds other than Shamrock Shakes.


carly said...

*ahem* if you mention those bloggers whose hometowns are in Delware while you're there, maybe you should mention that you're in my own hometown...(well, almost...take the R5 North and you'll get to my hometown soon enough, hehe)

nina said...

You mean during all these weeks I have been searching for Internet connections I could have instead just popped into the big M and all my troubles MIGHT have been over?

Here's a dilemma: if it were between me skipping a day of blogging or going into a McD for their Internet connection, which would I choose?

Okay. I'm dirty. I'd choose the golden M. I may even eat their fries. Nothing else though, I swear.

But I am writing as a weak person. I have been on the road for sixteen days without a readily available WiFi connection (but for today. can you tell?). Otherwise, I may have held tight and said NO! to the McD empire.

Anonymous said...

So we have it -- the difference between the generations. One who will McD and blog, and the other who never would'a thought (till now).

Anonymous said...

cleveland airport has a $2/2 hour Wifi connection if that is any more palatable than Mickey Ds.


Anonymous said...

And it should be really easy to pop over to Cleveland from Philadelphia to save that dollar.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Wireless at the Kirksville, MO McDonald's is free. Actually, from the Kirksville, MO McDonald's you can also access Taco Bell's free wireless across the parking lot.

But the McDonald's also has a DVD rental machine and a Dance Dance Revolution machine, so I guess they still win on balance.