Wednesday, May 10, 2006

(baltimore) maryland, my maryland, a mighty post to thee!

I have nothing to say about Maryland, since I'm just in a train that's passing through. But, it raises my state count to #21.

(Incidentally, in this count, I count the fact that I have blogged from DC as having blogged from a state, which has raised protests because DC is not actually a state. This is true. However, that DC is not a state is, of course, a ridiculous, disgusting injustice to its citizens.* I believe that one way of creating grass-roots activism against this injustice is to talk about it the way one would talk about a state to the maximum extent possible, to increase its social-construction-as-a-state-ness, which presumably will in turn make the injustice of it actually not being a state even more plain.)

* Even, in my mind, more ridiculous and disgusting than the fact that the DC area to this day roots excitedly for a professional football team whose official nickname is "the Redskins", which is not at all to deny the r&d-ness of the latter.

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