Tuesday, May 09, 2006

because you shouldn't have to scroll to read the first sentence of a post

Seriously, can someone who is HTML-saavy e-mail Tonya and offer to fix the six-inches-of-nothing-but-white-space problem on her blog. (Er, I guess you can't e-mail Tonya, because as part of the right-sidebar that is causing the problem in the first place, she's no longer listing an e-mail address.) I told her I could fix it, but I have only a very basic understanding of HTML myself. If you could fix it, you would bring bushels of joy to loyal TShow fans everywhere.


jg said...
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jg said...

Under the Blogger Dashboard, go to Formatting - Settings and set "Enable float alignment" to off. The float alignment thing was introduced when Blogger added an image upload feature (it controls how text flows around images), and it breaks certain templates. (I think that's the only reason why they have that setting.)eq

Sara said...

Hi Jeremy: I've posted a suggestion to Tonya on her blog on this already, but I took her source code, and posted onto a testing server, then messed with it. She has a problem with "div clear:*/div" which remove all formattign from her posts. This is probably in her template. When I removed these pesky things from the source code that I got from a "view source" capture, I got this. It looks much better. Of course, it isn't on the right server, and I'm only guessing about the div clear tags being in her template. But that is how it gets fixed.

Tonya said...

Thanks so very much, Jeremy, jg and Sara. It worked!!

Kinda strange, though, 'cause when I went to Formatting-Settings with both my Safari browser and my Firefox browser, the menu choices did not include "enable float alignment." Huh, I thought. That's strange.

But when I went to Formatting-Settings using Internet Explorer, there it was. I made the change suggested by jg and . . . presto . . . it worked.

And, Sara, thanks for your earlier suggestion. I read through it and wasn't sure how to do it. HTML intimidates me.

I feel reborn.

jeremy said...

Thanks from TShow fans everywhere to jg and Sara.