Tuesday, June 29, 2004

speaking of cautionary tales

From the Harvard Crimson (thanks to reader in Boston for link):
A social studies office worker said she was fired this week after administrators discovered provocative posts in her online journal, including threats to fellow workers and superiors.

For the past two years, Amy Norah Burch, an undergraduate coordinator for the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies, included a link to her personal website, www.AnnoyYourFriends.com, in her e-mail signature. The site, in turn, included a link to her online blog, which contained hundreds of posts about music, politics and her social life...
And people wonder why I post disclaimers (see sidebar). And people wonder why I don't link to this weblog from my (now-under-renovation) university webpage. And people wonder why I don't use this weblog as a vehicle for issuing all kinds of scary-angry-maniacal threats to my detractors and all who crosses me.

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