Sunday, June 13, 2004

in which jeremy feels compelled to be more obvious than he would like because of practical considerations

I just put my RSVP for my class reunion in the mailbox. One sheet was a form to indicate whether you were coming to the reunion and, if so, what events you planned on attending (oddly, the demolition derby that weekend was not listed). The other was one of those where-are-you-now forms you are supposed to send in whether you are going to the reunion or not, so that it can be put with the others and then a reunion booklet can be mailed out to everyone. The form basically boils your post-high school life down to your marriage, your children, and your contact information, which can be a little alienating when you are single, childless, and living in an RV.

I had thought of more obscure wives and children I could claim to have, but the problem with that is that I can't be altogether sure that various classmates would actually get that I was joking. Then, even with the Brady theme, I originally just put "Carol" as my wife's name, but then, somewhat painfully, figured I had to add "Brady-Freese" or else somebody wouldn't get it and then my mom would be fielding questions at the convenience store about how so-and-so had heard that I have 6-8 kids.

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