Friday, June 04, 2004

another example of the kinds of conversations one has when one has a weblog

"So, you have a key to Myra's?"
"Myra? You mean Myra my colleague?"
"Of course not. Why would I have a key to Myra's?"
"I don't know. You said so in a blog post."
"I said I had a key to Myra's on my weblog?"
[then, remembering:] "No, not Myra's, Mirah's. Myra is M-Y-R-A."
"So who's Mirah?"
"She's this singer that I've had a doomed crush on."
"You have a key to her apartment?"
"No, I just have a running thing lately about Mirah on my weblog."
"Does the woman whose key you have an apartment to know about this 'running thing'?"
"Do you call her 'Mirah'?"
"Who are you even talking about?"
"I don't know, the woman whose apartment key that really was."
"There is no 'woman whose apartment key that really was.'"
"Whose was it, then."
"It's my key. It's just the key to my stupid storage space. 'Storage' seemed like a boring label to give it in the post, so I put 'Mirah's' instead."
"It was a 'joke,' then?"
"I like how you said joke with obvious scarequotes around it. I can already hear the sarcasm now: 'Oh, Jeremy, you are so witty, you are ever-so-droll.' Don't even start. I won't claim that it was funny enough to be designated a joke, but, yes, it was intended as such."
"It's hard to tell on your weblog when you're joking and when you're not. Like for a long time I thought you were joking when you said you lived in an RV."
"I know, I'm just a chock-full cornucopia of surprises."

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