Monday, June 07, 2004

cross at borders

In addition being the place that sometimes feeds my predilection for my hot-chocolate-and-book-buying binges, Borders Madison West is also where I order more specialized books needed in one way or another for research. When I order books for research, I pay for them with research funds that I have, using this system where Borders bills my funds directly rather than me having to buy the books directly and get reimbursed. Borders has always seemed a little confused and behind in how they have handled this, which has made keeping tabs on my balance difficult and is especially annoying because some of my funds have needed to be spent by the end of a particular fiscal year (June 30) or else they are forfeited. I am just now starting to realize just how confused and behind they are, as apparently they just recently submitted a receipt to be paid (above) that dated from almost three years ago!

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