Tuesday, June 15, 2004

the propophonic spree

Dorotha has e-mailed me again saying that she wants me to give her the apropos props when I speak favorably on this weblog about music to which she introduced me. Let it be known that she was the one who first loaned me Mirah and first loaned me The 6ths, both of which I've posted about. So, props, Dorotha. Props! Props galore! Props-a-million! Props Across America!

(Hopefully this will settle the matter and there will not be any more posts by Dorotha detailing instances in which she has harmed Jeremys. Also, teensy-tiny anti-props to Dorotha for spelling Stephin Merritt's name wrong in this post. She knows the correct spelling and so was probably just too consumed by rage at feeling uncredited when she wrote it to worry about spelling.)

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